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new baby messages funny


new baby messages funny

  • So happy for you two! This will be one lucky kid.
  • You both deserve every little bit of happiness this baby will bring you.
  • Love come true. So very excited for you.
  • new baby messages funny : Welcome to the world, little girl! So glad you are here!
  • I really look forward to being a part of the child’s life as she grows up.
  • What a very lucky kid. Congratulations!
  • I am so happy for you and so happy too, because our little ones are almost the same age. I hope they have as much fun together as we did.
  • I can’t wait to help you baby. If you need anything at all, just text me!
  • What a wonderful little girl, we know she will grow up to be a wonderful and strong woman!
  • Wow, what a gorgeous baby girl with bright eyes.

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Congratulatory phrases at the birthday party

Among the expressions of congratulations for the newborn in the congratulatory party that is held before the birth of the newborn:

  • It means so much to be here with you today, sharing fun and dreaming with you…
  • It will make your mom look great!
  • I had so much fun shopping for this little gift. Love your nursery theme!
  • All the best to you and your “Name Mommy” as you wait for the big baby to appear! I hope you can use this gift for something you will need.
  • May the arrival of your newborn bring you many cuddles, fun adventures and a lifetime of sweet memories.
  • Congratulations on your little one. I can’t wait to welcome my “baby name” into the world. For now, just enjoy the peace and quiet!
  • I can’t think of anything more exciting than looking forward to the arrival of the new little love in your life! Congratulations!
  • We’re glad it’s time to meet your new baby. Here’s to a future full of playdates, birthdays and fun!


Funny phrases about the new baby

One of the funny phrases about the new baby

  • Congratulations on your new alarm clock…let the noise begin! Sleep is overrated, but children are not.
  • Congratulations on the arrival of your sweet baby, and sympathize with your wife at this time.
  • A new baby makes love stronger, your home happier, days shorter, nights longer, and bank accounts empty. Congratulations and have a great time!
  • I can’t believe he even has a baby now. However uneventful your life may have been, it is now a thing of the past! Hearty wishes for your little one!
  • The time of the first transformation.. No one remains the same.. With his arrival, everything changes.. May God perpetuate joy and remove anger.
  • To the dear ones, the sweetest greeting, fragrant with roses, and a thousand gifts, on the occasion of the birth of (the name of the newborn), may the Lord of the wilderness preserve him for you.
  • Welcome to him and his arrival, make everyone happy with his presence, a blessing from the Lord, I saw him and all those around him love him, the earth shone and increased and sparkled lights around us, so I wondered what was the secret of this beauty, so with the news of the arrival of your newborn .. God and his father righteousness and righteousness.
  • No matter what poems I say about you, the light of your face and the beauty of your eyes have crushed those letters and words.
  • We have not forgotten you, and we congratulated you and love on the birth of (the name of the newborn), and thank God for your safety.
  • May you both be blessed in the gifted, and thank you for the donor.
  • A thousand congratulations flying over the heads of the newborn.. And the phrases are embellished with decades of roses.. Every heart beats with supplication in prostration.. May God bless (the name of the newborn) and make his days happy.
  • Oh my joy for my mother and father, they are my candle, my joy for my sister and my brother, they are my joy.. my joy for visiting my relatives and beloved ones.. my joy for them doing my duty.. it was a good hour on the day I came.. I say thank you to those who shared my joy with me.
  • The earth has been blessed by your footsteps, with your presence, the world has enriched its ease.. My Lord combined (the name of the newborn) with (the mother’s name) and our tears of joy welled up.
  • The world has been enlightened by your presence.. The stars of the world have shined, so congratulations to you for attending the meeting of the sun with the moon.
  • The morning is worthy of your face, and joy is your mouth, as long as my Lord has provided you with the cow of your eyes, a child opens your body, your joy, your flower, and the happiness of the white nights blooms in your being. Your Lord loves you, gives you more good in your life, and gives you a child who leaves the rest of your branches and dispels the grievances of your entire life.. and your grievances. May God prolong your life and yours.
  • From the heart.. I thank you for your visit.. It is the first time I see you.. But I love you.. Because you were happy with my arrival.. Signature.. (Name of the newborn).
  • How beautiful it is to see you around me.. in the first moments of my life.. your love.. your love.. (name of the newborn)
  • (Name of the newborn) is honored to bring you the good news of his arrival and the sharing of his parents’ happiness, so I pray to God to make him one of the righteous offspring and to make his parents happy with him.
  • (The name of the newborn) is honored to bring you the good news of his arrival and the participation of his parents in their happiness, so I pray to God to make him one of the righteous offspring and to make his parents happy with him.
  • Today, Prince (name of the newborn) honored us, our little beloved, to decorate our happy family contract, add lights and spread happiness between us, so I pray to God that our eyes will recognize him.
  • Congratulations, a word I say from my heart, in which I congratulate you for what my Lord has blessed you with.

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