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new baby messages before birth


new baby messages before birth

new baby messages before birth

Blessing the pregnancy and asking that it be an adornment in your life and righteousness to you and your newborn happy your heart and those who love you. We present to you in this paragraph the most beautiful phrases of pregnancy from words about my pregnancy and messages expressing your feeling of pregnancy, expressions about the joy of pregnancy.

  • I congratulate you on your pregnancy, O Allah, make him among the righteous of Your servants, the memorizers of Your Book, the best of people in religion, worship and morals, and the happiest of them in life and the most satisfying of them.
  • Pray to God that your pregnancy will be complete and that you will be well and in perfect health, and that God bless and protect your child for you and that you will never see ill, sick or tired, God willing. 
  • God willing, your eyes will be comforted by your child and ease for you the rest of the days of your pregnancy and grant you health, strength and patience.
  • May the gifted be blessed and thank the donor. May God bless you with his righteousness and reach his fullest, and may God make him one of His righteous servants.
  • The news of your pregnancy has made my heart very happy. Pray to God that it will be well, and that the child will grow up in obedience to God and be righteous to his parents and memorizers of the Holy Qur’an, God willing.
  • We ask God Almighty to perpetuate His grace upon us and to bless you with a healthy child who is righteous and pious, and that every difficult matter is easy for you and all pains are eased for you and childbirth is easy.
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Phrases about pregnancy with a girl

Phrases about pregnancy with a girl make it very easy for pregnant women. These messages are very calm and very happy because they are expressive and they must implement these words and read a lot. If you have a friend or a relative, send him these following phrases:

  • Have you heard the latest news of a pregnant woman who will give birth to a daughter like the moon? O Lord, lighten her burden and make her the best of people in the world.
  • Our family has increased a piece of sugar, my Lord, make her life as sweet as the sweetness and joy of her arrival.
  • Oh God, make all my sustenance in my next daughter. Oh God, grant me the pleasure of embracing her.
  • There is only a few left and I embrace my first children. Lord, complete the rest of my pregnancy for me and make the next easy.
  • How beautiful it is for God to bless me with compensation after patience, how sweet it is for God to honor me with a daughter from my soul and from my blood.
  • How sweet it is to hear the news that I am pregnant with a girl, since childhood and since playing with dolls, I hope that one day God will bless me with a girl.
  • A little soul split from her soul, and she became a girl like the moon, everyone is sitting waiting for her. She gave birth to a girl who took her beauty, eyes and smile from her. Oh God, make her born in happiness and protect her from all evil.

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Phrases for pregnant with a boy

Each of the spouses can pray to have children, and that God Almighty will bless them with a male child, and we have collected for you in this paragraph some supplications and phrases for the pregnant woman with a son, as follows:

  • Oh God, make it easy for my wife to carry her, help her with what is in her stomach, and relieve her of all pain. Oh God, grant her a good son who will be better for her than what is in the whole world.
  • Oh God, I pray to you to relieve me of the pain of meekness. Oh God, I pray to you to preserve for me a soul that lives inside my stomach
  • I have entrusted you, my Lord, my sister who is pregnant with a child. I ask you, O God, to grant her good offspring and a good son with his parents. O God, ease her for the remaining days until she gives birth to us the most beautiful son in the world.
  • Glory be to God, the Great, God is the Greatest. Congratulations to you, the most beautiful mother who carried you with a son. Happy New Year, my sweetheart, and God willing, the day of your birth will pass well.
  • Congratulations on your pregnancy with a son like the moon. May God make the rest of your pregnancy easy for you and grant you good offspring, Amen.
  • I feel the movements of my son within me, I feel his intimate itch raging inside me. Lord, inform me of the arrival of my son and my future support, and make me always rejoice and be happy with him.
  • Beauty is your beauty, the sweetest and most beautiful of people, and today is your day, and I hope that your joy will be completed with goodness and that you will be the most beautiful mother of the most beautiful boy in the world.
  • My Lord, I do not ask You to lighten my wife’s burden, but I ask You to give her a strong back. Lord, ease her affairs and fulfill her heart’s joy by seeing her precious son in her arms well.

Phrases about my girlfriend’s pregnancy

The beauty of life is manifested with a friend who understands your feelings, understands your view, rejoices in your joy, and comforts your sadness. Here in this paragraph are the strongest expressions about my friend’s pregnancy.

  • I ask the Lord Almighty to preserve your fetus for you and to write it for you among the righteous, as I ask Him, the Almighty, to complete your pregnancy, to open your eyes to it and to make it one of the keepers of the Book of God.
  • Bless you, my friend, in the gifted, and you thanked the donor.
  • I extend to you all my heartfelt congratulations on the occasion of your pregnancy. May God bless you with goodness and grant you good offspring, for example.
  • I summed up my joy today with the birth of my sweetheart, my friend. Congratulations on your pregnancy, my soul. May you see him in your arms, O Lord.
  • Congratulations, and may God bless you with good offspring, and grant you all the best, and bless you with your money, your husband, and your son. You are a good and honest person, and God will give you better than what you hope for.
  • I congratulate my dear friend on pregnancy, congratulations and may he be raised with your pride, for example.
  • To the one whom God chose to carry a soul among her wombs, she goes out to life, praising God and prostrating to Him. To my beloved friend, may God protect you. God.

Congratulations on your pregnancy, brother

Here are phrases of congratulations on pregnancy, my brother passed away, to express the feelings of joy and happiness that a brother brings to his brother, or a sister to her brother, while offering best wishes and blessings to the newborn.

  • Greetings from us to the beloved, love is sweeter than conscience. God gave us the precious one or the precious one ((…….)) She came to us and enlightened the whole place. Her arrival today for joy is an address.
  • May you both be blessed in the gifted, and you thanked the donor.
  • I extend my heartfelt congratulations to you on the occasion of your pregnancy. May God complete it for you with goodness and grant you good offspring.
  • Happiness in my heart has no capacity today, and what remains in me is patience, a patience that removes distress, worry, and masks.
  • To the one whom God chose to carry a soul among her wombs, she goes out to life, praising God… and prostrating to Him… To my beloved sister, may God protect you, I say to you… God bless the gifted, and you thanked the donor, and may God bless you with his righteousness and reach his fullest, so may God help you to thank this gift through a sound upbringing that is In order to fulfill God’s covenant
  • I dedicate to you the sweetest message of fragrant incense, distilled water of roses, and the sweetest incense burner of the birth of ((….)) auspicious.. I was born in a hospital.

Touching phrases of congratulations on pregnancy

  • My heart is now filled with feelings of joy and happiness upon hearing this wonderful news. May God complete your pregnancy and bless you with a healthy and strong son who will be kind to you and his father.
  • My friend and sister in God, I knew that you will soon have a beautiful child, words do not die and phrases are not enough, I pray to God for you in every prayer and at all times, to make every difficult matter easy for you and to complete your joy in goodness and you will never see any evil or evil, God willing .
  • Children are the angels of the house and they are the most beautiful thing in this life. May God bless your children and protect them with His eyes that do not sleep and grant you a healthy child who will always be distinguished.
  • A new member will soon join our family, who will be a source of pleasure, joy, and comfort for all of us, and we always pray to God to bring him health, wellness, and provision.
  • God the Most Gracious, the Bestower, has honored us and bestowed upon us this pregnancy. Homes need people, love, and the joy that children bring.
  • We pray to God that it be a good plant, God willing, and that it be among the righteous, pious, keepers of the Book.
  • This child will fill you with life, and fill your hearts with contentment, happiness and love, I am always by your side if you need help with anything.
  • This child will come, God willing, and many beautiful, happy and enjoyable memories and moments will come with him. Take advantage of every minute with your child.
  • The beautiful princess or the little prince who will come to illuminate the sun of our lives and make our hearts joyful and happy and give our lives a unique and special taste. We are waiting impatiently for him to carry him in our hands.

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