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birthday messages for respected person


birthday messages for respected person

  • Every year, the world is in your hands, the laughter never leaves your eyes, and your birthday is beautiful for us and for you, dear.
  • I bypass all the accelerators and precede all the well-wishers and say: Happy New Year.
  • Today is your birthday, and I am promised, my most precious path, my dear friend, the universe and its stars are witnesses to your love, the whole galaxy knows that you are what I want, today is your birthday, and today I am born.
  • A splash of French perfume, a basket of Swiss sweets, and a gift necklace for the sweetest birthday in the world.
  • I came to race the hours to congratulate you and say: Happy New Year.
  • A year passes and a year passes, and you are a ray that illuminates the hearts of friends, and Happy New Year.
  • Between a letter and a line, I made the world happy with the most precious person, and I say Happy New Year.
  • I bring you back on your birthday, and Eid is a word, and with a tampon, something strange, something that I kept for you in the middle of the heart speaks of your preciousness.
  • Madam, your love is love, and the heartbeat is calm. I bid you farewell to a year ago, and I greeted with you a new year. Oh my life, you are satisfied. Oh God, may your year be happy.
  • Today, you are love embedded in my breath in the middle of my arteries with blood dipped in it. You have the preciousness and love, dear people, behind the nostrils and inside the heart imprisoned. Happy new year.


Christmas phrases

  • May God keep you for your family, may your life be long, and you will remain for me, O Lord, an example, admiration and an asset .
  • All that is in me congratulates you.
  • Happy new year, my dearest person in my little heart. Today is your happy birthday. My soul and my eyes lift you up and fly.
  • Today you are one year older, I am confused about what to give you, my life, my soul, you are just pampering and asking.
  • The sweetest congratulations to the sweetest feeling, who loves you beyond measure. Every year, you are the happiest of people.
  • Happy birthday to Yazid Hassan Baha, a birthday that makes you feel transparent, a birthday that draws a wise mind, Happy New Year.
  • Happy birthday, happy birthday.
  • Every year you are the birthday of my love, every year you are in my life, I celebrate you and light the candles of my heart for you, and I give you roses for you that I planted myself, the most beautiful gift of my life from the grace of my Lord that made me fulfill my wishes in life, it changed the direction of my life and my path, and gifted my life with the smile of my lips, I miss you if you were my longing, I forget near you all my past and my coming, do not go away from me and stay beside me, you are my eyes, you are my four sides, the lover of my soul, the east of my life and the west, the verses of my poetry and the smile of my songs, on your feast I give you my years and my love, and light every candle in my feast my life.
  • I exchange for you, my goal, a sense and a feeling, and a feeling with a letter with poetry that is felt. On your birthday, O lightning of diamonds, I give you a whisper of love with a tangible pulse.


Beautiful birthday phrases

  • Let’s light the candles and celebrate this special day of your life. Happy New Year!
  • You are special and that is why you need lots of laughs on your lovely face. Happy birthday .
  • Special day, special person, special celebration May all your dreams and wishes come true in the new year Merry Christmas.
  • You are my true friend, you were always with me, you supported me, you made me happier when I was sad, thanks for having someone like you in my life, happy birthday.
  • Let all your dreams light up and light your birthday candles, I wish you a beautiful birthday.
  • It’s your birthday, you’ve grown up, every year you’re getting more perfect.
  • I wish my friend a happy birthday, and he doesn’t need to talk to ask anything from your special friend, I love you my dear.
  • There are so many important things that I learned from you, happy birthday.
  • All the years we shared growing up are like a treasure to me, I can remember every minute we had together and every time we laughed, Happy birthday my best friend.
  • You are someone who always deserves the best and nothing less, I wish you an amazing birthday party like you, Happy Birthday.
  • I want your birthday to be celebrated as a national holiday , because then I’ll be on vacation, happy birthday.
  • Happy New Year, you’re getting older but I don’t see any change in you, you still look great as always, happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday, may all the beautiful things in the world happen to you; Because you are one of the nicest people I’ve ever known.
  • I always wished to be a great friend like you, but there is no way there is a better friend in the world than you, happy birthday.
  • Soon you will start a new year of your life, and may this coming year be filled with the success you deserve, happy birthday.
  • A wonderful day, and a wonderful and delicious cake I bought for you, now it’s time to celebrate your special day, happy birthday.
  • I wish a happy birthday to the best person I have known in this world.
  • Thank you for all the memories that brought us together, without you the world would be a colorless place for me.
  • May your New Year surprise you with happiness, laughter and feeling of love, I hope you find many beautiful and joyful memories, Happy Birthday.
  • On your special day I wish you good luck May your day be wonderful May your heart be filled with blessings and joy I wish you an amazing birthday Celebrate happily every day of your life Happy birthday

Words to dedicate to someone on his birthday

A beloved person is the one who gives love and happiness to those around him and is a source of joy for them, and all we can offer to every beloved person is to congratulate them on their birthday and wish them the best wishes in the words that we present to you in the form of messages on social networking sites or a private message.

  • Your date of birth is impossible to forget, no matter how far the distances are. If the bees do not remember the scent of roses, it is impossible for me to forget your date of birth, dearest of people.
  • And you are fine). I hope today does not pass, and the joy from your face does not disappear. Today is your birthday, O my promise, and I am of joy flying (Happy New Year).
  • Today is your birthday and everyone is happy because of you, and from the bottom of my heart I pray for you, may God protect you and prolong your life (Happy New Year).
  • I pass all the accelerators, I precede all the well-wishers, and I say Happy New Year.
  • Once again, and the price is always increasing. I precede this world and say Happy New Year.
  • A year has passed with everything in it, and a year has come, the best thing about it is that you are still with me in it.
  • Every year you are in my language poems that your eternal and immortal love weaves in my heart, every year you are my song that I chant. Every year you are mine.
  • Every year, on this day, I turn to my Creator, thanking Him for creating you to be mine alone. Every year, you are my family. Every year, you are my life.
  • I’m going to do something really cool and fun today; Because it’s my birthday, thank you God for blessing me with another year of my life.

Happy birthday words

Words to gift to a person on his birthday: There are many beautiful words that can be used on birthday, and some people are looking for pictures of birthday greetings, and among these words are the following.

  • Happy new year, my sweetest share and the closest lover, my balm for my wounds, and you who see you as a doctor to my heart.
  • On your birthday, dearest of people, allow me to give you my heart and renew my love in the era of passion, and I pray for you with all my heart to make you happy and blessed by my Lord.
  • Congratulations, because you have grown another year with me and by my side. I pray to God to prolong your years, make your days happy, and fulfill your dreams of goodness and happiness.
  • Happy birthday, the most precious thing in the universe. Your day is the sweetest, and the most beautiful day. Oh God, gather us around you every day.
  • Pray to God to make your day days and your year years, and to gather the joy in this world and put it in your heart today and every day, and perpetuate the smile on your face until eternity.
  • Every year, you are dear and beloved, every year, you are the happiness of my days and happiness. May God bless you with something beautiful in my life, and a light that brightens my days, O all the love of the world. You are every year and you are the most beautiful joy that dwells in my heart. Every year, you are well.
  • This is a message coming from a beloved who is sitting by himself, thinking about you a lot, greeting you a lot, and on your birthday, he congratulates you, greets you, and tells you Happy New Year.

Words spoken at Christmas

Words to gift to a person on his birthday: Christmas is the anniversary of the birth of a person, and it is usually celebrated by preparing sweets and family meetings, offering congratulations and gifts to the person concerned and wishing him a happy life full of successes and fulfilling wishes, which brings pleasure to his heart, and in this paragraph you have the most beautiful words It is said at Christmas.

  • The spirit of the nights celebrates with you, the spirit celebrates every day, but tonight it celebrates in a second way the birth of a familiar person, and your smile lights a seductive candle, and rejoices in a year with described hope, and guides you with the warmth of my love and life, within which you are present
  • Once again, and the price is always increasing. I precede this world, and I say Happy New Year
  • I pass all the accelerators and precede all the well-wishers, and I say Happy New Year.
  • I say quickly, before all of them, Happy New Year, after all of them.
  • Happy new year and happy birthday
  • I do not say every year and you are fine, but I say you are the best for every year.
  • Every year and your love in my heart, after my life increases
  • Every year and it ends, dear, the most beautiful days of life
  • Why do you ask me and know that the answer I have for sure
  • Every year, you are my companion, my friend, and the most precious of people
  • Hafiz history, by God, no matter how far I am from you
  • I mean, is it possible that I forget the birthday of the moon?

My girlfriend’s birthday phrases

Birthdays are very important occasions for many people, so many are always looking for messages and phrases of congratulations on my girlfriend’s birthday, as there are many special messages to congratulate people on their birthdays, get to know with us the most beautiful congratulatory phrases for my girlfriend on her birthday.

  • It happened on this blessed day that we extinguished the candles of the past, and decorated my beloved friend’s cake with new candles like our endless wishes. A year of goodness, endless happiness and happiness, my friend.
  • My beloved friend, I ask God for a year full of love and happiness, and every year you are good for my heart.
  • This is the birthday of the dearest person to my heart, so God grant her the most beautiful gifts and the greatest gifts, as she is everything to me. Happy new year my friend.
  • To the one with whom I spend my evenings, my conversations, and my most beautiful days. Today is your birthday. Happy new year.
  • Happy New Year, dear friend, who is similar to a sister in her closeness and intensity of resemblance to me. Saud’s birthday, and I pray to God Almighty to make you happy and comfortable this coming year.
  • To the sweetheart of my heart on her birthday, on the day God honored us with the sweetest gifts, a happy and dear birthday to our hearts, and Happy Bears is my soul.
  • I rejoice with you on this day on which you were born, my friend, when the world became beautiful. A new year full of goodness and happiness has come. Happy New Year, my dearest friend I have known in my entire life.
  • Every year, you are the sweetest, most beautiful, and dearest to my heart.
  • Every year you are my dear friend, every year we are closer, every year you are my support and the only one I consider a sister to me.

Happy birthday to someone you love

There are many words that touch hearts and that can be relied upon to express the extent of love and adoration if they are between loved ones.. There are also touching words that friends send to each other when Christmas approaches in order to celebrate, and here are some of them as follows:

  • Happy New Year and Happy Birthday. Happy New Year, my dear, the most beautiful day of life. Every year, your love in my heart increases after my life. Every year, you are my companion, my friend, and the most precious person.
  • Happy new year and happy birthday, every year and you are my best friend and dearest human being.
  • With all the scent of jasmine, roses and blossoms, with all the combination of musk, basil, oud and amber, as many trees, roses and flowers grew, as many as the moon rose, and as many as the full moon lit up, I present to you the most beautiful expressions of congratulations mixed with the fragrance of flowers on the occasion of your birthday, my friend.
  • With the scent of perfume and basil, with verses from the Qur’an, I congratulate you, my best friend, and Happy New Year.
  • My friend, happy new year, and make all your years joy, and every year, you are my closest friend.
  • Happy new year my friend, I wish you a happy life full of joy and happiness, wishing you a hundred years.

Birthday greetings to a stranger

Many people celebrate their birthdays, especially young people, and everyone wishes them to fulfill their dreams and give them the gifts they love. They also enjoy reading the letters and beautiful words that are written to them from friends.

  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your constant giving. I extend my highest thanks and heartfelt wishes to all those who sent me congratulations on my birthday. I thank everyone for those noble feelings and these fine feelings, wishing everyone long life, lasting happiness, and a life full of glory and prosperity.
  • I have one word for everyone who congratulated me on my birthday. Thank you. I am very grateful for your presence in this world. Autumn is the desert, it is the smell of rain, it is a yellow color after green we no longer see. A message that I send full of love, appreciation and respect, and if I were given every eloquence, and exhausted the sea of ​​utterance in rhyme and prose, after saying what I said, I would only be remiss and admit my inability to be thankful.
  • I have never thanked a person, because it is difficult to find favor in these times, except in a pure heart and because he loves to help every person.
  • Friendship based solely on gratitude is like a photograph that fades with time.
  • Your friend is the sufficiency of your need, and he is your field which you sow with love and reap with thanksgiving. He is your table and your hearth because you come to it hungry and you seek after it for warmth.

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