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birthday messages for best friend

birthday messages for best friend

Congratulations on the birthday of my friend, the loyal friend dear to the heart, is one of the few treasures that a person finds in his life, and how beautiful it is for a person to congratulate a friend on his birthday.

  • birthday messages for best friend : Happy New Year and Happy Birthday. Happy New Year, my dear, the most beautiful day of life. Every year, your love in my heart increases after my life. Every year, you are my companion, my friend, and the most precious person.
  • birthday messages for best friend : Happy new year and happy birthday, every year and you are my best friend and dearest human being.
  • With all the scent of jasmine, roses and blossoms, with all the combination of musk, basil, oud and amber, as many trees, roses and flowers grew, as many as the moon rose, and as many as the full moon lit up, I present to you the most beautiful expressions of congratulations mixed with the fragrance of flowers on the occasion of your birthday, my friend.
  • With the scent of perfume and basil, with verses from the Qur’an, I congratulate you, my best friend, and Happy New Year.
  • My friend, happy new year, and make all your years joy, and every year, you are my closest friend.
  • Happy new year my friend, I wish you a happy life full of joy and happiness, wishing you a hundred years.

A beautiful prayer for Christmas

It is nice to see congratulatory messages full of affection and mercy. These messages are used by Islamic countries on all their holidays. In this topic, we will discuss supplications for Islamic birthday greetings. Beautiful and wonderful supplications that every person can send to his family, loved ones, or friends. A beautiful prayer on a birthday.

  • Oh God, this is the day of my birth, so thank you so much that you revived me and blessed me with health and wellness to witness it. .
  • Oh God, I ask you for peace and safety, knowledge and guidance, and elevation in saying and deed. Oh God, make me small in my eyes and in the eyes of people big.
  • Oh God, I do not ask you for a small burden, but I ask you for a strong back capable of carrying burdens and worries.
  • Oh God, choose for me what is good in my day, in my knowledge, and in my life, for You know and I do not know, and You are the Knower of the clouds.

Happy birthday to my friend Facebook

On the occasions that we all pass by, the birthday boy is very happy when he finds his loved ones, friends, and acquaintances who congratulate them via Facebook or any other means of communication.

  • Happy birthday, my friend, I pray to God to fulfill your hopes and ambitions. May your new year be a happy year full of love, and may the whole world make the whole world happy with you, Habib Al-Ain.
  • I ask God to take from my life and give you my most beautiful friend and companion in life, success and struggle.
  • Your date of birth is impossible to forget, no matter how far the distances are. If the bees do not remember the scent of roses, it is impossible for me to forget your date of birth, dearest of people.
  • After a race with people, I tried to write you a letter made of sunshine and diamonds, in which it says Happy New Year, happiness and peace, the source of feeling.
  • I gave you a big, powerful kiss, a gift to the kindest person I’ve ever seen.

Colloquial birthday greetings to my friend

Friendship is one of the lofty human relationships that we cherish in our lives. A friend is the sister that your mother did not give birth to. That is why you had to celebrate her birthday with her by sending the most beautiful colloquial birthday phrases as an expression of love and pride in her.

  • Every year and you are the most important thing in this life, every year and you are kind, the most delicate person in existence, my dear friend, the sweetest people, happy birthday.
  • Today is the birthday of the dearest friend in my life, the birthday of the most delicate and most beautiful person in my life. Happy new year and may all your hopes be fulfilled, God willing. Today we extinguished all the candles of the past, and we will light the candles of tomorrow that make your New Year happy and a year of joy for you. Happy new year, my friend. Happy New Year, my kindest and kindest friend. Happy birthday. May God Almighty bless you in this new year with joy, happiness and comfort. Your birthday is the most precious holiday in my life, my friend.

Birthday greeting phrases

There are many friends who are waiting for their friends’ birthdays in order to spread happiness and joy in their hearts, because birthdays are one of the most important and best occasions for everyone, as there are many birthday greetings that are compatible with everyone.

  • If your heart is far away, and hands are unable to touch hands, remember that I love you and wish you a happy Eid.
  • Between a letter and a line, the world rejoiced, dearest of people, and I say Happy New Year.
  • God fulfills your desires wherever you walk, and everyone around you congratulates you on your birthday.
  • May your year be happy, and rejoice in all of our religions, O inhabitant of my soul, and O sun of my life and its shadow.
  • Happy New Year, my dearest and dearest person in my heart. Today is the beautiful birthday. I hope from God that it will be a happy year for you.
  • Today is a special day because it is the birthday of the dearest and dearest, the birthday of my beloved and the light of my heart. May God make a happy year and may your life be long in joy, happiness and goodness. It is one of the most beautiful and sweet new birthday congratulatory messages.
  • I dedicate my heart to you, you are the most precious person I have in existence, and I dedicate my life to you every year and you are good and happy birthday.

My friend’s birthday cake

My friend’s birthday party, greeting people from their loved ones is what gives birthdays a special luster and leaves a beautiful memory for them, and in this paragraph we will give you the most beautiful words on Christmas.

  • Today there are not two days in it, so your feast is with me, my dearest and beloved of the heart, and my dearest than the blink and the eye, and Happy New Year.
  • Today is your birthday, and everyone is happy for you. From the bottom of my heart, I pray for you, may God bless you and prolong your life. Happy new year.
  • I wish the joy from your face is not absent, and that the day does not pass, because today is your birthday, dear people, and I am flying with joy, and every year, you are fine.
  • I wish to give you a tree to shade you and protect you from all danger and give you the sweetest fruits and happy new year.
  • O my heart, trill, and my eyes, rejoice, and with him everyone celebrates his birthday, and may you be fine every year.
  • O people, go to him and greet him, his life has increased by a year, and there is no one like him, may God bless him for his family, and may you be well every year.
  • I give you my soul, O most precious of people, but you are the most precious, and I give you roses, but you are the sweetest.
  • Happy new year, may God make your whole life good, and I present you with a fragrant bouquet of roses.
  • I quickly congratulate you before all of them. Happy new year to all of you.
  • I skip all the accelerators and precede all those who wish you well, and I say to you every year and you are a thousand good.

Happy birthday congratulations

Happy birthday greetings, there are many birthday words to congratulate friends with, as congratulations are one of the things that make people happy and they know how dear they are to the person who congratulates them, whether it is a friend or lover, and there are very wonderful birthday words, including those in this paragraph.

  • With the colors of flowers and the breeze of the seas, I send you special congratulations on your birthday, the sweetest of things.
  • On your birthday, O moon, I will cut and sing, O dearest human being, Happy New Year.
  • Happy birthday, and with sure love, and long life, I congratulate you on a happy holiday, Happy New Year.
  • My message on your birthday is to live every beautiful moment in life and enjoy it. Happy birthday.
  • My congratulations carry all the flowers of the universe with their colors and fragrances to say to you a happy Eid, dearest of people.
  • With the light of the moon and the sparkle of the stars, I say to you, Happy New Year.
  • The whole world gathered today to congratulate you, on your birthday, may the smile last on your face throughout the years.

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