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birthday messages for work colleague

birthday messages for work colleague

birthday messages for work colleague : Throughout the day we are in one office, and we have special moments and times, unlike going home, at work we share all that is beautiful in terms of laughter and topics or perhaps celebrations at times.

Today we have dedicated some kind letters and words worthy of my dear colleague, to bring joy and happiness to his heart. Here are some unique phrases to congratulate a co-worker on his birthday.

Birthday messages for my co-worker Birthday messages for my co-worker Birthday messages for my co-worker

Happy birthday to my co-worker

  • On the occasion of my co-worker’s birthday, I would like to extend my warmest congratulations and best wishes to my dear friend. Happy New Year.
  • My companion and friend at work, in situations, I find no one but you beside me. Really, yes, friend and brother. Happy birthday .
  • I furnished the office with flowers for you, and perfumed it with the most beautiful perfumes, because it is the place that brings us together, big and small.
  • My dear colleague, you are my colleague at work, and my brother forever, Happy New Year.

Facebook friend birthday 2020

  • Whenever the world becomes narrow for me, and I search for safety and sociability, I find you in front of me, my dear colleague, and on this occasion I say to you: “I wish you a hundred years.”
  • You were always the smart colleague at work, and the perfect companion for us. We were happy with the advent of your birthday, so let us say even a word in your right, O best of God’s creation.
  • We gathered today to give you, the most beautiful and best phrases for you, my co-worker, a happy birthday.
  • Today is my co-worker’s birthday, I send him a thank you note, because he is a person who deserves appreciation for his kindness and classy treatment. Every year, you are the best companion.

My friend and brother’s  birthday at work

  • All day by my side, we share the sweet and the bitter, and today I came to share with you the joy and happiness on your birthday, my dear friend .
  • May your dreams come true, make things work and all the best for you and your religion my colleague and friend Merry Christmas.
  • May God grant you success in what you want, my colleague and comrade at work. You are the symbol of masculinity and honesty. We wish you a long life, and that you stay with us always and forever.
  • Happy birthday to you, my friend, may it be a hundred years, and with all the best and success in life, may you shine, happy birthday.

Birthday phrases for my girlfriend at work

  • Today is the birthday of my colleague at work, who is the sweetest with your beauty, and who is kindest with your heart, you are the flower of our office, happy birthday dear.
  • Today is not sweet without your presence with us. You have decorated the office with joy and happiness. Happy New Year, my dear colleague.
  • Happy birthday to our sweet and succulent thing, we are proud of you at work and we wish you happiness and a constant smile.
  • My friend and co-worker, may your 100th year be full of pleasant surprise and wish fulfillment because you deserve a happy birthday, my love .


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