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birthday messages for fiance


Messages for my fiancee’s birthday

  • Every year, you are the most precious thing in this universe. God does not deprive me of the beauty of your laughter, your tenderness, or your presence in my life, O Lord.
  • Every year, you are the sweetest person in my life. There are no words to express my joy and happiness with you permanently.
    • I always speak well of you and write in your love the sweetest poems and poems. I love you very much, my heart.
  • To my future husband and soul mate, whom I would do anything to see the smile on his face.
    • And I pray to God to be in everlasting joy, and your presence by my side means life and the world, you are everything to me in this world.
  • My love, my soul and my whole life, every year you are the most precious to my heart, and throughout time you will remain the most precious forever.
    • The kindest and kindest person in my entire life. Every year, you are a beautiful thing that I brag about in front of people.
  • My beloved and my life is my beautiful half, my sweet share in this life. Without your presence, I am not worth anything and I do not get anything. You are the closest person to my heart and my life. Happy New Year, my future husband.

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My fiancé’s birthday, what should I write to him?

  • Happy new year, my soul, and always fine and healthy, medicine of my heart. Happy new year, and you are the only person who heals the wound of my heart and soul.
  • Every year, you are my beautiful share. Every year, you are my soul. Since I met you, everyone who knows me tells me that I am always smiling.
    • And in everlasting happiness, and I tell them that you are the permanent reason for this happiness, every year and you are all my joy.
  • Every year, you are all my world, all my life, my beautiful days, and my everlasting smile.
    • Because my bad days are the days when you are absent from my eyes, may God bless you for me until the end of my life.
  • Every year, you are everything beautiful in my entire life. May God protect you for me and protect you for me in His protection and raise your status.
    • And reach the highest ranks of excellence, apple of my eye.
  • Today is the sweetest and most beautiful memory in this world, my life, because it is your birthday. Every year, you are the kindest and kindest person in my heart, my support. Every year, you are by my side.
  • A new year has come and added a new year to your life, my moon.
    • Happy new year, good health and happiness until the end of life.
    • I pray to God to protect you and protect you for me and keep you away from all harm.

The most wonderful words for my fiancé

  • Happy new year, my love, and keep all evil away from you. God willing, the next year will come.
    • And it is full of goodness, blessings, sustenance, happiness, and beautiful joy, and always achieve in this year everything that is good for you.
  • To my beloved and the apple of my eye, I would like to send you the most beautiful words every year, and you are my heart and in joy and goodness, my love.
  • My love and more precious than my days and years of my life, every year you are happy, beautiful and in endless joy.
    • Happy new year and always in love.
  • My moon, my beautiful universe, and the best thing in the world for me. Every year, you are my heart and my mind, and I have nothing in this world but you, my soul.
    • May God keep you in my heart and soul until the end of the world.
  • Every year, you are my soul, my nostalgia, and my world.
  • A beautiful birthday, to the best of my life, I hope you will live a long life in happiness.
  • I also wish you a year full of love and abundant sustenance, and I wish you a happy day that resembles your beautiful heart, I love you.
  • To my dear and beloved fiancé, I love you and will always love you, and I will be by your side until the end of my life.
  • Happy new year, my love and the dream of my life.

Written love letters to my fiancé

  • On your birthday, I pray to God to protect you from all evil and give you always good things. I love you.
  • A beautiful birthday, my love, your first birthday with me, I wish we were together in one house to celebrate together, every year we are together.
  • Likewise, every year, you are beautiful, O medicine of the heart and soul. I miss you. I hope that on your next birthday, we will be together in our beautiful home.
    • And we celebrate it in our house. I miss you and your laughter that illuminates my life.
  • Every year you are with me, your heart has no one else but me, and your eyes only see me.
    • Every year, I give you all the beautiful things that bring joy to your heart.
  • Happy birthday my soul, every year you are my love and friend until the end of the road, may God bring us together in the best condition.
  • Also, on my fiancé’s birthday, I wish God to complete our relationship with success, and that we continue the journey of life side by side.
    • Hand in hand, moment by moment, without separating or separating us from life. Happy New Year, my dear.
  • A beautiful year for you, my soul. I hope that God will grant you all success in it, and that you achieve everything you want.
    • May all trouble, firmness and hardship go away from you, and you return to your home and country safe and smiling.
  • My love, do not forget to blow out your birthday candle, I will celebrate with you in my dreams and in my imagination, how I wish to be by your side.
    • To express my love and happiness to you on this beautiful day, on which I came to this world, so that it will be my share every year and you are my destiny.
  • Also, Happy New Year, and I hope that all the coming years will be happy, and years worthy of your pure spirit.
    • Who bears all this love for me, every year you are my soul, and I am your only lover who lives in your heart.

Love messages for the lover on his birthday

In these following lines, we present to you romantic love letters to the beloved on his birthday, suitable for use among loved ones at Christmas, as it will make the birthday a special day and a symbol of the true meaning of love and loyalty.

  • Every moment, every minute, and every hour, and you are fine, God willing, all your days are joys, and I wish you a thousand years, my love.
  • God bless you for me years, and keep life in my life.
  • About a thousand people, about a thousand meanings, about a thousand love, you make me sing about everything! Every day I discover that nothing is like you, and that you are more beautiful than everything, and if time brings me back again, I will love you every time again.
  • A large part of my mind left me to live with you.
  • I love you without putting names for this love, I love you as if you were the whole world and I love you so much, so much that I can’t describe About a thousand people About a thousand meanings.. About a thousand loves You make me sing about everything! I do not see anything similar to you, and I do not want a substitute for you. I want you by yourself, with your conversations and your heart.
  • When I say [I love you].. I collect all the oxygen in the world in my lungs to inhale your love and sigh whenever your breath passes near me, my happiness revolves while it is in your smile.. You just smile and smile: my heart is with you.
  • O owner of a tender heart, O dweller in the middle of the eyelids, O owner of the light of the eyes, I miss you madly.
  • The secret of my joy and happiness is you.
  • My beloved, I give you my breath, my life, and all my feelings.. O all my world and my people, I love you and how much I love you, but rather my love to the point of love and madness, O tender heart, how much I want you next to me to be my residence, my home, my night and my day.

My love 2022 birthday messages

My beloved birthday messages 2022 Christmas messages are among the most beautiful gifts that we give to those we love in such a celebration and to present the best messages to my beloved and the light of my eyes, as he is the only person close to my heart, so in this article we will present to you some of the most wonderful birthday messages for my beloved 2022:

  • I was confused about your holiday, what to give you? Happy new year, my sweetest share and the closest lover, my balm for my wounds, and you who see you as a doctor to my heart.
  • On your birthday, dearest of people, allow me to give you my heart and renew my love in the era of passion, and I pray for you with all my heart to make you happy and blessed by my Lord. Happy birthday, the most precious thing in the universe. Your day is the sweetest, and the most beautiful day. Oh God, gather us around you every day.
  • Every year, you are dear and beloved, every year, you are the happiness of my days and happiness. This is a message coming from a beloved who is sitting by himself, thinking about you a lot, greeting you a lot, and on your birthday, he congratulates you, greets you, and tells you Happy New Year.
  • You are the sweetest lover, you are this passion, you are my heartbeat, every year we are together, every year you are my life, my life, and every year I repeat your life and your life.
  • My dear wife, you are my love, my pen speaks to you, and my feeling flows. Happy birthday, dearest of people.

My fiance birthday messages

A very beautiful experience when you share romantic messages on your beloved’s birthday, it will capture the heart and attention and you will be special. We, in turn, put new and very beautiful birthday messages for my beloved full of romance, tenderness, love and congratulations at the same time. Share my fiancé’s birthday messages.

  • You have 3 roses: a rose that kisses you, a rose that greets you, and a rose that tells you Happy New Year. 
  • I say quickly, before all of them, Happy New Year, after all of them.
  •  I don’t say happy new year, but I say you are good for every year. 
  • The sweetest congratulation for the sweetest feeling, the one whose love has no measure, every year and you are the happiest of people.
  •  Oh, the likeness of the moon with a leaf of blossom. Happy new year, my dearest people and human beings. 
  • Every hour, every day, every week, every month, every year and you are fine. 
  • I came to race the clocks to say Happy New Year. 
  • A year passes and a year comes, and you are a ray that illuminates the hearts of friends, and Happy New Year.
  •  Oh the wind of roses, the sound of poems, the laughter of the new past that makes your evening always happy.
  •  You are far away, your heart is far away, and your mind is far away. I just love you, and I wish you a Merry Christmas.
  •  The spirit of the nights celebrates with you, the spirit celebrates every day, but tonight it celebrates in a second form the birth of a familiar person. And your smile ignites a seductive wax, and you rejoice in a year of hope described.
  •  And I give you the warmth of my love and a life inside of which you are present. Every year, you are my love’s birthday.
  •  I celebrate you, the light of my eyes, my angel, and my darling, and he chants the feeling in me. Happy New Year. I congratulate you on your birthday today, and I sing to you on your birthday, may it be a happy year for you.
  •  Between a letter and a line, I made the world happy with the most precious people, and I say Happy New Year. May God fulfill your desires wherever you go, and everyone around you congratulates you on your birthday. 
  • Let me say, O my love, you have the world and what is in it, indulge and ask for my eyes for you, my eyes, I give them, I don’t know what to give as a gift, everything I see a little bit. 
  • Celebrate the year, my life, with you and light the candles of love from your loved ones. Happy new year, dear. May you remain with me.

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