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birthday messages for colleague funny


Funny birthday greetings for friends

Here are funny birthday greetings for friends:

  • We will remain the most wonderful old friends, who brought together many beautiful memories and exceptional moments, and we will remain so until the gray hair begins and the memory fails us to return again as we were once new friends.
  • I wanted to give you something wonderful and elegant as a gift for your birthday, then I remembered that you have a friend like me in your life. Happy birthday, my sweet. The older one gets, the more mature and wiser he becomes, so he loves what is spiritual and does not return to material much meaning, so I thought that there is no such thing. A reason for a gift.
  • Don’t worry about low vision, this nature protects you from the shock of seeing your face in the mirror and wrinkles. You lived a long time my friend, you seem to belong to those very ancient times BC, but at least you are not extinct yet Isn’t that reason enough to celebrate, happy birthday dear.
  • Happy birthday my friend, don’t worry if you need help blowing out the candles I’m here, she’s probably too old to blow on them anymore. Happy birthday to you my friend, it took you all these years to finally look beautiful. I’m so happy for you.

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Funny birthday greetings

Very funny birthday greetings:

  • If anyone tells you you’re too old this year, hit them with your cane, and whet your teeth at them. Merry Christmas, old man! Happy birthday dad, when I grow up I want to be just like you, like every detail of you, your hair graying, your beautiful beard everything looks more beautiful, happy birthday my dear dad.
  • You know that the man has really begun to grow up, when he starts to slow down while driving because the doctor warned him, and not out of fear of the policeman, as if you have grown up, my friend.
  • If you ever wanted a little attention, just change the date of your birthday on Facebook, my friend, and today, because it’s real, I’m going to give you all the attention and wish you a happy birthday.
  • Since the morning I have been searching for the best Christmas messages to send to you, but I found many of them and I could not choose, the important thing is happy birthday.
  • Please don’t touch your wrinkles too much to ruin them they are very expensive it took you many years to own them Happy New Year my friend.


Words for friends birthday

Here are the words for the birthday of friends:

  • Today we extinguished all the candles of the past, and we will light the candles of tomorrow that make your New Year happy, and make it a year of joy for you. Happy New Year, my friend.
  • My friend is the one who carries my sorrows and my illusion, and today is her birthday. Happy New Year, the sweetest friend in my life. The holidays are completed on your birthday, my friend. Every year you are close to me, and a year of goodness, joy and happiness, the kindest heart in the whole world.
  • My friend, I wish you beautiful days and years full of goodness, love and fulfilled wishes.
  • On this day, the Earth is destined to embrace a pure heart to spread joy in the lives of all those who know it. Every year, you are the most beautiful friend.
  • May God fulfill your aspirations, beautify your days, and always decorate your path with goodness and success, my friend. My friend, I will stay here every year when you blow out your birthday candles, the first to congratulate you, the first to hold your hand, and the last to leave, so every year we are together, O moon of my days.
  • Today is the birthday of the dearest friend in my life, the birthday of the most delicate and most beautiful person in my life. Happy new year and fulfill all your hopes, God willing.
  • Happy New Year, O rose in the garden, O most beautiful friend of mine in this life, O symbol of safety and sincerity.


Birthday messages for special friends

The following are distinguished birthday messages for friends:

  • Every year, you are a part of the soul, and a companion on the path, and whoever I want my heart to lean on his heart when he grows up, so every year you are by my side, and goodness is for you as a companion.
  • Happy New Year and Happy Birthday. Happy New Year, my dear, the most beautiful day of life. Every year, your love in my heart increases after my life. Every year, you are my companion, my friend, and the most precious person.
  • Happy new year and happy birthday, every year and you are my best friend and dearest human being.
  • By candlelight and in the presence of relatives and loved ones, I wish you a happy year that suits the whiteness of your heart and the peace that resides in your soul.
  • May God surround you with the breeze of mercy, the fragrance of forgiveness, and the serenity of love. Happy New Year.
  • Happy new year, I wish you that this year will be the best of years, the year of fulfilling your wishes and dreams, a year of goodness, happiness, love and love, and happiness enters your heart and sorrows and pain leave you, so that your wings keep flapping with love and peace.

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